All young people should have the right to secure accommodation and the chance to grow their skills. We connect people to the right type of services so you can cope with the challenges you face.

Pyramid Social Services’ programs help provide accommodation support if you’re homeless or at risk of being homeless and can help you develop independent living skills.

Our youth workers understand the kinds of troubles you may be facing and are here to help, free of judgement.



While young people are at Pyramid Social Services  we provide an extensive range of support services including:

  • Future planning: we work with our young people to create goals and think about how they would like to live independently.
  • Practical support: we offer supervised driving sessions to assist young people in obtaining a driver’s licence, transportation to appointments and more.
  • Independent living: we provide information and assistance with budgeting, financial planning, nutrition, cooking, housekeeping and health.
  • Relationship building: we develop trust in relationships and seek to build self-esteem and confidence.
    If required we refer our clients to a network of different providers who offer specialist services outside the scope of our practice.




We provide a Drug Education Program which operates from Pyramid Social Services. This program provides one-on-one support and builds knowledge and skills around how young people can reduce the risks and harm associated with drug use. Promoting physical and mental health initiatives are also key components of the program