If you are currently experiencing housing issues, are homeless or at risk of homelessness, Pyramid Social Services can work with you to support you in seeking stable housing arrangements, and connect you with emergency relief options, or financial counselling support.

We can also guide and assist you if you need support to maintain a tenancy in private or public housing. Helping to give you the space to feel safe and the skills you need to enhance and sustain your living conditions.

Short Term Accommodation (STA)

Short Term Accommodation (STA), sometimes known as respite, is a great opportunity for people living with a disability to have a break from their daily routine with the support of highly skilled staff in purpose-built accommodation.



About our houses

You can take a guided tour of our houses before confirming your stay. Our respite and STA. Have 24/7 staffing services. Provide a range of stay options which can include hourly, overnight, day, weekend, holiday or longer period stays
Priorities each individual’s needs, including matching personalities and ages to ensure they enjoy their stay. Give guests a chance to learn new skills, participate in community activities and make new friends.

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